Company Formation & Shareholding in Vorarlberg / Austria

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Are you considering establishing a company in Vorarlberg, taking an equity stake in another business enterprise or setting up a subsidiary or branch office in Vorarlberg? The lawyers PICCOLRUAZ & MUELLER from Bludenz in Vorarlberg are experts in Austrian company law and can provide you with the most comprehensive advice in all sectors of company formation or equity participation, as well as the related contracts, regulations, conditions and restrictions as well as investment grants and subsidies for company founders in Vorarlberg.

Which type of legal structure is best for my business in Austria?

In Austria there is a wide range of different forms of business entities to choose from for setting up a company or, as the case may be, for renaming a company. Basically, there are non-corporate and corporate legal forms. In special cases there is also the foundation. The different types of companies are tailored to specific needs in liability, tax, disclosure requirements, internal organisation. The choice of the correct legal form can vary for each company or business area making comprehensive legal advice and set-up consultation all the more important.

What you should know about equity participation in enterprises in Austria?

In all cases of shareholdings, very careful attention should be paid to the provisions of the Austrian Corporate Code with relation to possible assumptions of liability should be paid. Similiarly with participation at company level it is important that protection regulations for minority shareholders or restrictions on decision-making for financiers should be taken into consideration. At all events, each equity participation is a special case for itself that must be tailored to the specific requirements.

Our experts on company formation & shareholding

company law & commercial law, Dr. Stefan MüllerOur partner Dr. Stefan Müller has represented our firm in the whole of western Austria for many years and provides legal advice in all areas of corporate law such as new business startups and shareholding, company formation, M & A and succession arrangements as well as restructuring.

He furthermore represents clients in legal disputes in various areas. In all his activities for P & M he can call upon the experience he has gained from his post-graduate training as an expert on European Law, his work with the Austrian Trade Commission in Hong Kong as well as his function as University Assistant at the Institute of Commercial and Securities Law at Innsbruck University. He is also often engaged as member of the board in various organisations and companies we well as occupying other executive roles. His experience in this respect is also of great advantage in his counselling.

Whenever necessary the lawyers of PICCOLRUAZ & MUELLER endeavours to deal with cases as a team allowing the partners to take advantage of their colleagues experience, i.e. on larger projects the partners work together from the start.

For example Patrick Piccolruaz LL.M contributes his specialist knowledge as real estate agent and his experience with industrial plant permit procedures.

The experience of Dr. Petra Piccolruazin inheritance and family law is useful for us in the regulation of corporate successions as well as taking advantage of her expertise in land register law for handling real estate development projects and trusteeships.

At PICCOLRUAZ & MÜELLER teamwork is an important factor.

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